Gatineau Loppet

2018-02-16 • 5 KM Classique

163 Participants • 102 Women • 61 Men

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WatchViewBIBNamenationalityCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
7091Benjamin CroteauCANM14-1511100:13:15.7
7141Stella DuncanCANF14-1521100:15:02.0
7100Britt HalvorsenCANF14-1532200:15:33.1
7122Sarah MacintoshCANF16-1743100:15:34.4
7121Katherine MasonCANF16-1754200:15:41.8
7073Brennan NoblesUSAM14-1562200:15:47.5
7083Caitlyn StoweCANF16-1775300:16:16.0
7136Mary Kate NormanCANF14-1586300:16:16.6
7081Simon LetourneauCANM45-4993100:16:54.8
7075Jackson SmallUSAM14-15104300:17:55.0
7149Madeleine StymiestCANF14-15117400:17:58.9
7107Sophia KeltingUSAF12-13128100:17:59.5
7148Nicole MomtahanCANF16-17139400:18:05.9
7074Evelyn EllerUSAF12-131410200:18:10.4
7016Stella TremblayCANF12-131511300:18:23.8
7114Leela HowittCANF35-391612100:18:56.2
7115Jordanna SamburghUSAF12-131713400:19:09.7
7039Sophie KalachnikovCANF14-151814500:19:43.7
7146Owen KealUSAM12-13195100:20:01.9
7104Marwan NasrCANM10-11206100:20:10.6
7105Ziad NasrCANM12-13217200:21:17.2
7077Nicolas-Tam AudetteCANM8-9228100:21:29.5
7119Ruby SmithUSAF12-132315500:21:35.8
7157Steve BoivinCANM60-64249100:21:42.5
7033Erik VurmaCANM10-112510200:22:17.4
7151Kenny BakerCANM45-492611200:22:39.9
7131Zachary RouleauCANM12-132712300:22:58.6
7058Chantal BrousseauCANF40-442816100:23:16.8
7152Thierry HeissatFRAM35-392913100:23:21.6
7138Eli KarosCANM10-113014300:23:24.5
7062Jaffer MajeedCANM45-493115300:25:56.7
7079Philippe CarpentierCANM8-93216200:26:03.0
7162Sydney ColesCANM10-113317400:26:30.6
7103Laila NasrCANF8-93417100:26:41.6
7106My Lan ToCANF40-443518200:26:42.6
7140Leo PlourdeCANM10-113618500:26:42.7
7139Eric PlourdeCANM50-543719100:26:44.1
7082Darryl PeckCANM65-693820100:26:46.7
7023Scott GambleCANM10-113921600:26:50.2
7026John GambleCANM65-694022200:26:53.3

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Name: Gatineau Loppet
Start Date: 2018-02-16
End Date: 2018-02-18
Location: Gatineau, QC
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